Muslims protest in Rome after mosque is shut down to avoid youngsters becoming radicalised

απελλαση ολων των μουσουλμανων και της 5ης φαλαγγας των αναρχοκομμουνιστων γενιτσαρων

The Muslim Issue

A religious revolt in the heart of Christendom: Thousands of Muslims protest outside the iconic Colosseum in Rome after small mosques are shut down by the authorities to avoid youngsters becoming radicalised 

  • Hundreds gathered near Rome’s Colosseum to protest the closures of mosques and other places of worship
  • An imam led the group in chants of ‘Allah Akbar’ which means ‘God is great,’ as they kneeled to the ground
  • Muslim places of worship in Rome have been branded illegal by authorities for various building violations
  • Protest was organised by the Bangladeshi group, Dhuumcatu, who now want Rome City Hall to intervene

By Rachael Burford For Mailonline
Published: 15:26, 22 October 2016

Thousands of Muslims gathered outside Rome’s Colosseum to protest the closure of mosques and other places of worship in the Italian capital.

The group gathered outside the iconic ancient Roman building to pray as they promoted their right of…

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