Jihadis send teams into camps disguised as refugees to kidnap and kill vulnerable Christians

The Muslim Issue

There are no Christians living in these UN camps (unless they are Muslims who came as Muslims and decided to convert), so UN is actually not offering any help at all to the real victims of Muslim brutality. It’s too unsafe for Christians to mix with the Muslims, so they hide where there are church organizations, funded by private donations.

Yet these Christians have ventured into refugee camps to help Muslim minorities so they are not being targeted, searched for to be kidnapped, tortured and slaughtered. The UN is providing aid to Muslims in these camps, so Christians should leave them to it. Even the UN workers are scared to reveal the truth of these camps. What does that tell us?

The report claims that 1,300 Christians have been killed since 2003. In fact, over 1 million Christians are missing from the Middle East since the past three years alone…

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